Having Hope, Having Bipolar: Blake Jenkins Golf Scramble

The 5th annual Having Hope, Having Bipolar Blake Jenkins Golf Scramble was recently held at Clarksville Country Club, with 26 four-man teams coming out to participate in an event that helps raise money for research into bipolar disorder.

“We donated $100,000 to Vanderbilt University Medical Center last year from proceeds from our tournaments,” Jenkins said. “That money is to aid in research on bipolar disease. They are working on brain mapping in children in hopes they can begin to detect this disease earlier.

“With early detection there may be hope for a cure. Sadly, our son did not receive an early diagnosis. I think, if he had been, he would still be alive today.”

Vanderbilt research shows that more and more people are affected by the disease, and that allows researchers more opportunity to do a better job with diagnoses.

“Most people don’t know what bipolar is until there loved one has an issue with it,” Jenkins said. “We lost Blake on November 21, 2013. Now, thanks to the great support we get from the community, we are doing everything we can to raise money for bipolar research.”