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Fall is for Fashion

Special THANK YOU to Governor's Square Mall, JCPenney's, Buckle, The Copper Petal, Briggs Clothiers, Mildred & Mables & Couture Crush for making this year's annual VIP Fall Fashion Photoshoot such a great success!

Fall fashion is number one on the watch list for every fashion forward woman, and September brings with it not only the official beginning of Fall, but also the glossy magazines whose page numbers reach Biblical proportions. They come filled with photos and articles of every fashion trend taking the runways by storm. September is nothing short of epic in the fashion industry, and we’ve got a few trends to share that will definitely be turning heads as the leaves turn.

“We’re going to see a lot of velvet, deep burgundy and mustard yellow, flare leg pants, and plaid this Fall,” says Kaley Drew, lifelong fashionista and owner of Couture Crush, where all the stylish women of Clarksville come for their fashion fix. Expect to see lush fabrics, various cuts, and deep colors for this year’s Fall staples. But along with the expected trends comes the unexpected, so pile them on and have fun falling for Fall fashion.

Statement Coats

As temperatures start to cool off, breaking out the coat becomes an inevitable part of the day. But rather than it being a typical workday, blend-into-the-background piece, the return of the statement coat has made it a standalone fashion feature—the focal point of an outfit. So express yourself this Fall by pulling on a coat with some major impact.

Red and Fuchsia

Both vibrant colors—bright, cheery and certainly less of the harvest hues we normally associate with Fall. This is more of a reason to break out of the box and wear them this Fall. The runways were awash with these two anything but shady shades as fashion’s tastemakers projected their predictions for the trends of this season.


Who doesn’t love a good plaid? It’s timeless, it’s classic—at least, it always seems to be in menswear. In women’s fashion, not so much. But Fall 2018 has brought plaid back onto the fashion DO list, as the print is showing up in every size and color, and in everything from dresses to shirts, skirts, and outerwear.

Busy Prints

Speaking of prints, the busier, the better, as runways were filled with patterns of every imaginable type, size, and color spread. Feel free to mix it up and experiment with busy patterns, but keeping things in the same color family is key. Be bold with your choices rather than staying shy—you’ll prove that being a busy body is definitely a DO.

Animal Print

According to some people, animal print is a neutral—which means that it goes with anything and everything. And if Fall 2018 is anything to go by, that philosophy certainly holds true. Whether paired with bright colors or more traditional neutrals, animal prints bring a certain…meow factor…that adds some major wow to even the most ordinary outfits.


Call it cowboy gear or western wear, the trend has returned—and it’s often mixed with an 80’s vibe to achieve a far more interesting look than the typical show of fringe and boots. Take the best of both worlds—the kitten heels, the oversized earrings, and the attention-grabbing shoulders so iconic to the 80’s, combined with all the things we know and love from the Old West—and you’ve nailed Fall’s must haves.


Depending on your point of view, outerwear is a necessary evil—or perk—of the cooling season. Getting in on the cool factor is shearling, the iconic fuzzy white wool that often adorns suede jackets. Designers have put the fuzzy fabric to good use in everything from vests to full-on coats.

No matter your style, there’s a look to love—so watch the Runway hit the Realway and get ready to fall for fashion.

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