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Clarksville Young Professionals Spotlight: Josh Branum

Every successful Realtor knows the importance of a great showing, but professionally showing themselves is every bit as important as their showing of houses. The perfect marketing plan can mean all the difference in attracting attention to a listing and closing the right deal at the right price—and so, too, does the right representation of those Realtors make all the difference in developing the communities in which they are working.

Focused on communications and handling public affairs initiatives for the Clarksville Association of Realtors, in addition to forging relationships with the community and local government lawmakers to promote the value of Clarksville area Realtors, is Josh Branum. He plays a role in keeping homeownership, community development, and the real estate industry in Clarksville on track and representing those interests at a local government level. “It’s such a privilege to work alongside Clarksville’s Realtors everyday. They give back to this community in so many seen—and often unseen—ways,” says Branum. Much of community growth and development is all about collaboration—and it’s that very collaboration that the 37 year-old former stay-at-home father of two loves about his work, and it’s the very thing that makes Branum and his colleagues at CAR so effective.

“I love to collaborate, and I love local politics,” says Branum. “Many people believe that politics are something to steer away from; but I find that when we approach others with grace and humility, we can yield great results. Author Rob Bell describes politics as ‘the way we organize our shared lives for the common good.’ When people are working together for the shared benefit of the community, great things can happen.”

Part of making good things happen is giving back, and Branum recently joined the board of directors for Project Yesu, a local charity focused on raising money for at risk Ugandans to be fed and go to school—giving them what they need to thrive. That desire to see others thrive is another aspect of collaboration, and Branum’s own ability to thrive professionally has been key in his involvement in Clarksville Young Professionals. “CYP has been an invaluable way to get plugged into a vibrant, motivated group of young professionals,” Branum says. “Not being a Clarksville native, CYP helped me form relationships with colleagues that have a powerful impact in our community, and it’s made me a better professional. CYP is motivated to do great things, and I love being part of that energy.”

It is the mission of Clarksville Young Professionals to create a platform for Young Professionals to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically and philanthropically active and contribute to the economic development and high quality of living in our community.

Clarksville Young Professionals is dedicated to the advancement of our community through community service, professional development and networking opportunities for the emerging business and community leaders ages 21-45.

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