Sango Pharmacy

Since opening her doors in downtown Clarksville in 2013, Dr. Catherine Meeks’s work at Sango Pharmacy hasn’t been limited to the task of filling prescriptions and answering the occasional question regarding pharmaceutical side effects or discussing possible drug interactions. In fact, these are but a snapshot of what she, as the owner of the Clarksville-based pharmacy, considers her mission to provide to the members of her community. And rather than simply dispensing prescriptions and stocking over-the-counter medications and supplements, she and her caring staff offer something that no one could ever bottle: the tools that people need to better understand their health. In an effort to equip and further educate the members of the Clarksville community, Dr. Meeks holds regular classes atSango which cover a wide range of invaluable topics such as health awareness and health maintenance, diabetes education, disease management, and disease prevention as well as offering basic education on proper body care and hygiene. In addition, Sango fulfills the very essence of a true drug store and provisional shop by offering a wide range of health care and beauty products, health foods, and supplement options as well as a variety of unique gifts perfect for any occasion.