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Roxy Regional Theatre Summer Cookout

Clarksville's iconic Roxy Regional Theatre recently hosted its annual Roxy Summer Cookout, where locals combined some traditional summer fun with an evening of great theater.

Stacy Turner talked about the event while serving hamburgers to guests. “This is what we do each year in conjunction with our summer show,” Turner said. “We have a little cookout under the marquee, and it's a fun way to do a fundraiser. People come out and enjoy some delicious grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and then they get to see the show.”

“’Dames at Sea’ is an amazing show. It is a musical about some sailors and some girls in New York. It's a beautiful show, and a lot of the actors and actresses in the play were New York natives who traveled here to join us for this production. Of course, we have Ryan and Emily, two of our regular performers who are always amazing.”

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