Moonshine & Music

Casey Jones Distillery was the site of a recent fundraiser for Brushy Fork Creek Studio & Gallery, which was destroyed by fire earlier this year.

“We called it Moonshine & Music,” Peg Hays said. “Paul and Tricia Ferrell lost their building and business to fire on May 1. We, as a community, came together for this fundraiser, and it was so successful that they are going to start the rebuild immediately.”

Hays and the Ferrell's were overcome by the community's generous support. An estimated 500 people attended the event and made donations to help the Ferrells get back into business.

“We are so thankful to everyone who helped raise so much money tonight, “ Paul Ferrell said. “We're going to be able to get restarted with pottery, wood-turning, and a small studio. When that gets going and we can start making a living again, we are going to build the gallery back. We are going to make it more open than before and very high-tech on the inside, but we'll still have that same old-building aesthetic that our customers are accustomed to seeing when they pull up to our building.”