Kennedy Law Firm Internship Luncheon

Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Jeffrey Bivins recently spoke to a group of judges, lawyers, and legal interns at a luncheon inside F & M Bank's Franklin Room. The luncheon was the culmination of this year's Kennedy Law Firm legal internship program.

“We've had more than 500 interns come through this program in the 25-plus years that we have been doing this,” said Kevin Kennedy. “They are mostly students from the local high schools and APSU, but these folks are really the cream of the crop. They are our future leaders.”

Kennedy says the purpose of the program is to give interns a firsthand look at the legal system and impress upon them the importance of community involvement. He presented several awards to interns who participated in this year's program prior to the luncheon. Several local judges were introduced to the crowd.

This year's guest speaker, Chief Justice Bivins, took the podium and delivered a personal message on the importance of never burning bridges, and he reminded everyone to stay true to their own values, never compromise, and always demonstrate humility, civility, and respect when dealing with anyone.