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Day of the Eagles Division Run

Day of the Eagles took place recently at Fort Campbell, a chance for supporters of our troops to get a glimpse into a soldier's daily life.

“We are kicking this off with a Division Run,” Major Martin Meiners, Public Affairs Officer, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) said. “About 15,000 soldiers are going to pass through right here. Later this morning they will be eating breakfast with veterans and family members who are coming out to see them.”

Maj. Meiners says, every unit sat up static displays and open houses for their guests.

“They are really opening their doors to families and veterans,” Maj. Meiners said. “This gives everyone a chance to see the equipment our soldiers train with, and really, the work our soldiers do day to day.”

Open tours of Air Assault School were given as well. Allowing everyone to see what that aspect of training consists of. Throughout the day, tours were given at the recently-remodeled Pratt Museum. Soldiers at the museum were wearing historic uniforms.

“Traditionally, the 101st hosts Week of the Eagles,” Maj. Meiners said. “The celebration has been condensed this year, because the division is deployed, and a lot of other soldiers are deployed as well. We look forward to this every year. It honors the veterans, the families, and all the community members who support Fort Campbell.”

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