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Alhambra Birthday Party

Hopkinsville's legendary Alhambra Theater recently reached a major milestone--ninety years since first opening its doors.

“We decided to throw a 90th birthday party,” Margaret Prim, Pennyroyal Arts Council's Executive Director said. “PAC has managed the Alhambra for the last 40 years. This theater actually opened May 28, 1928, so we're here to celebrate. We wanted to take this opportunity to bring people in and give them a glimpse of our most recent remodeling and renovations.”

Over the last year, the theater has gotten new curtains and rigging and a highly publicized new marquee. In addition, the entire exterior of the building has been refreshed.

“This year begins phase two,” Prim said. “We are getting a new lobby and expanded space downstairs and about 2,500 additional square feet upstairs, which will be called Hall at the Alhambra. It will be additional lobby space and programming space for us. We are also getting new chairs.”

The Alhambra is very busy, hosting more than 200 events each year, live theater, music, classic films, recitals, and much more.

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