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About Faces & Braces Continuing Education Event

Dr. Shawn Lehman-Grimes and Dr. Candice Coleman recently hosted the About Faces & Braces Annual Hygiene Event at Freedom Point in Liberty Park.

“We are hosting local dental hygienists and doing an educational presentation that will focus on things related to orthodontics,” Dr. Coleman said. “We will discuss an array of topics that include extractions, sleep apnea and more.”

Coleman and Lehman-Grimes estimate that Montgomery County now has around 100 dental hygienists. As Clarksville grows, more will be needed as a dentist may employ from one to six hygienists in his/her office

Fifty to sixty hygienists were expected at the third annual event, which had a Mexican Fiesta theme this year and included optional margaritas.

“We are orthodontists, so we are speaking strictly on the niche of braces or clear alignment therapy,” Dr. Lehman-Grimes said. “We're talking about moving teeth, and at tonight's lecture I'm going to talk about extracting permanent teeth,” he stated at the annual Hygiene Event. Dr. Coleman talked about how the airway might be affected in these procedures,

As specialists, Drs, Coleman and Lehman-Grimes see patients of many of Clarksville's dentists and hygienists. These seminars are a great way to connect with fellow professionals in the community.

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