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A Thing of Beauty: Amity Salon

When you take talent, passion, and a dream and bring that dream to reality, it is a true thing of beauty—and that beauty is the very embodiment of Amity Salon in downtown Clarksville. Opened since early spring 2018, owner Tonya DeRose and her best friend and fellow stylist Stacey Trinkle have already made Amity a true presence on the downtown scene. Perhaps one might attribute the salon’s success to its atmosphere, one where quality services including VoMor hair extensions; Brazilian blowouts; facial waxing; makeup services; and, of course, cuts, styling, and color treatments have gained it notoriety as an Aveda exclusive salon. But more than that, this is an environment where beauty within is brought out, and the stylists here are given the chance to shine in their own light.

Meet One of the Team

Morgan Atkins is a Clarksville native who strives to learn new techniques and has great passion for all things hair and makeup. As the first addition to Amity’s original team, she shares the same desire to make every client she sees feel confident and beautiful, and her own passion for her work keeps her motivated to be the very best that she can be.

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