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2nd Annual Montgomery County Mayor’s Cup Golf Tournament

Stacy Streetman talked about the event and expressed her thanks to those who made it such a huge success.“This year, funds raised at this event will go to support Two Rivers Company,” Streetman said. “They are not getting the same funding they once were from the City of Clarksville or Montgomery County. So we thought this was a great way to get local business leaders to show their support for TRC, which in turn does a lot to support downtown.”

Streetman says that downtown is a vital part of this area's overall economy, and local leaders came out in force to do their part. “We had 26 teams of 4 participating this year,” Streetman said. “Thanks to all of our sponsors, volunteers and players, we raised 30% more money than last year's tournament. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

The TRC Marketing and Promotions Committee, along with TRC Staff and others, met weekly to make this event possible.

“We appreciate the teams that played and all the businesses that supported us through sponsorships and/or the donation of prizes,” Streetman said. “Many local businesses and individuals worked really hard to make this a success. And, as I always say, you can't have a great event without great volunteers.”

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