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Grits & Gravy

Manna Cafe recently hosted its 5th annual Grits & Gravy at Belle Hollow, billed as a night-time event with everyone's favorite: breakfast for dinner.

The casual event featured live music by Lydia Walker, guest speaker Michael Bayne, and a silent auction.

Kenny York was emotional as he talked about the evening, and what's on the horizon for Manna Cafe.

“This is a celebration of Manna Cafe serving our first meal in Clarksville,” York said. “May 6th marks our 8th year in Clarksville, so this is a combination birthday celebration and fundraiser for Manna Cafe.”

York had a major announcement to share and celebrate with his supporters.

“We like to make big announcements at this time of year,” York said. “We are in the process of purchasing a 44,000 square foot building in New Providence. We are super excited. We will have room for more services. We can also bring other partner agencies in to a central space as we work toward our mission together. It truly takes a village of agencies to help restore someone's life.

“Now, folks can come and get all the services they need in one spot. We change lives now by alleviating immediate needs, this new facility will allow us to change lives by restoring hope and dignity, and helping folks with more than just an occasional sandwich. This is about changing mindsets, teaching people how to believe in themselves again, and finding a way out of whatever hole they find themselves in.”

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