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A Covert Murder Mystery

Brett & Jessica Ashworth opened Covert Escape Games in Clarksville earlier this year. Recently they hosted their first murder mystery dinner.

“We've been open since March,” Brett Ashworth said. “And, the outpouring and support from the community has been awesome. We offer different, really immersive scenarios. That's what we go for here, and we now have three games.”

Ashworth describes Covert's offerings, and the new company's journey to this point.

“We started with Down the Rabbit Hole, an Alice in Wonderland themed game,” Ashworth said. “Next, we added Crazy Ivan, which is a cold war-space race inspired spy game. Our newest game is Lawn D.A.R.T., which is an escape from behind enemy lines during World War II challenge.”

Ashworth says each game holds about 10 people, so Covert can currently host about 30 people at a time. He and his team are on track to have five separate rooms/games at this location soon. They are adding a new game every five to six weeks.

“Tonight, we are hosting a murder mystery,” Ashworth said. “A company came up from Nashville with a troop of actors. They are facilitating the evening for us. It's a 1950's Sock Hop with poodle skirts, and greasers. It looks like it's going to be a fun evening.”

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