Two Rivers Co.

Economic development is essential for a community to thrive. It feeds the growth of the population, strengthens its commerce, and enhances the quality of living. Stimulating that development is the very basis of Clarksville’s own Two River’s Company, a non-profit organization whose very focus since its founding has been to improve, enhance, and realize the full potential of the community it serves.

Taking on such projects as Third & Main, Downtown Commons, the Upland Trail Connection, and miscellaneous other improvements including mixed-use developments and public art displays such as the breathtaking #STARRYNIGHTCLARKSVILLE mural located at 420 Madison Street, Two Rivers Company has been quickly making its mark on Clarksville’s downtown and river districts to make this historic area even more valuable to the city’s residents and more of a destination for visitors.

“Our primary goal is to create an economically thriving district that attracts investment, stabilizes and strengthens the tax base, and supports the vitality and diversity of Clarksville and Montgomery County as its social and cultural center,” explains Executive Director of Two Rivers Company Norman Quirion. “The vitality of the district is important to the overall economic success of the Clarksville-Montgomery County area, and that is precisely why we feel that the district must be re-established as the center of the community in which all citizens can participate and take exceptional pride,” he continues. “Downtown Commons is a perfect example of this, and the momentum that we have seen is truly exciting. Since July of 2016, there have been 99 property transfers totaling 27 million dollars in the central business improvement district. Make no mistake, though. iI’s not time to celebrate just yet. There’s a lot of work to be done!”

Much to be done, perhaps, but still very much to ​commend as each of Two Rivers Company’s undertakings have so far proven to be accomplishing the organization’s goals. Among their most recent projects to reach completion is Downtown Commons, which officially opened in mid-April to much anticipation. The perfect addition to an already beloved downtown district, the Commons is certain to become a hub of community events and give the citizens of Clarksville even more reason to spend time downtown—both unplugged as well as online, as a recent grant from Google has enabled the Commons to offer free WiFi.

Above all, the hope of development is, naturally, to always attract commerce and stimulate community growth and to better the community. “Really, this organization formed as a way to begin the regrowth of the community after the devastating losses we took in the storms of 1999,” explains President of TRC Charles Foust, who is now closing out his fourth year serving the position. “Since then, developing and finalizing the plans for Downtown Commons really fueled our growth as an organization because of the many other projects that were put into motion as the Commons took shape, and we’re very proud of that accomplishment. It’s been an amazing and exciting thing to see just how much growth and development has ensued in the central business district, and it’s all brought more people out to experience downtown.”

As one who walks those very streets,it’s plainly evident that Two Rivers Company is certainly achieving its principal goal, creating many reasons for the people of Clarksville to take even greater pride of the city in which they live—both now, and for many future generations to come.

Two Rivers Company is located at 1 Millennium Plaza, Suite 104, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 245-3700 or visit

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