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The Shop of Wonders: Mildred & Mable's

Continuing in the tradition of her grandparents’ own mercantile store in Oklahoma, it was with that very idea of being an independent merchant that Andrea Herrera opened the doors to Mildred & Mable’s in the summer of 2013, using the expansive space of her shop to house not only her very own specialty gift boutique, but also to launch a full-service salon she sweetly named Isabella-Sophia Salon. Honoring both her great-grandmothers and her daughters respectively with the naming of her two businesses, Herrera’s little kingdom on 109 Franklin Street has become a go-to destination for unique gifts, offering various wonders including everything from custom-monogrammed items and locally made treasures to on-trend fashions and stylish accessories. So, too, has it gained a following of clients in search of salon services ranging from all things hair and nails to professional makeup, eyelash extensions, and even massages. “It’s really convenient because you can visit the salon for one of their services and shop while you’re here,” Herrera explains of her idea to launch the seemingly disparate concepts in one locale.

And what’s not to love about that? Judging by the popularity of both the store and the salon, her decision was a wise business move as Isabella-Sophia’s thirteen hair stylists keep a steady booking, and bags emblazoned with Mildred & Mable’s cheery logo may regularly be seen jauntily swinging from the arms of happy shoppers traversing their way on the streets downtown. “We have a great location here in the historic downtown district, and I’d like to think that we add to people’s experience when they come here,” she says.

Having created a booming business for herself, Herrera has seemingly learned the importance of paying it forward, allocating a portion of her space to serve as rental space for fledgling businesses hoping to get their feet off the ground. And as two now-thriving Clarksville businesses can easily testify, that space gave them the opportunity they needed to create a name for themselves and bring their dreams to life. “Some people have called my shop an incubator for other businesses, and I love that,” Herrera says. “Seeing their success is one of my favorite things about owning my own store.”

Mildred & Mable’s and Isabella Sophia-Salon are located at 109 Franklin Street, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 802-6776 or follow them on Facebook.

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