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Heritage Bank Scholarship Banquet

Heritage Bank recently hosted its annual Scholarship Fund Banquet at Hopkinsville's James E. Bruce Center

This year, 64 scholarship award recipients were joined by family members, school administrators, and officials of Heritage Bank, which operates in multiple counties throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.

Heritage Bank President/CEO John Peck was the keynote speaker. He shared his thoughts on the importance of the bank's scholarship program, now in its 14th year.

“We have been very blessed,” Peck said. “We now have awarded a total of $343,500 to more than 750 Heritage Scholars over the course of this program. We are starting to see a great return on our investment. These students come out of college and become part of our community and in some cases, leaders in the community. We can see a measured difference that has resulted from our project.”

“Heritage Bank has been located in Hopkinsville since 1879,” Peck said. “We believe that we have an obligation to invest in our community. What better investment is there than our student's futures!”

To view more images from this event, and many others, please visit our digital issue HERE.

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