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Centurion 5K

Clarksville Christian School recently hosted its 4th Annual Centurion 5K and Family Fun Run, a fundraiser with proceeds going to support CCS and the students it serves.

Georgie Stimson is an employee at the school and one of the organizers of the event. “This is the fourth time we've held the Centurion,” Stimson said. “Between the 1-mile fun run and the 5K we had a little more than 250 people sign up this year, so it keeps getting a little bigger each year.”

“This fundraiser is planned by the CCS Parents Organization,” said Stimson. “It's their big event. The proceeds from this event will be used toward the purchase of our new bus. That is something we just acquired, and it was a big purchase for us.”

Clarksville Christian School, now in its 11th year, has shown steady growth. “This is our largest enrollment year to date,” Stimson said. “We're very excited by our continued growth. It has allowed us to add new sports to our program and offer other new and exciting activities for our students. We are very pleased.”

To view more images from this event, and many others, please visit our digital issue HERE.

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