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Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Cindy & Joe Pitts

Hundreds came together recently at APSU’s Fortera Stadium for the annual Walk A Mile in Their Shoes, a fundraiser that benefits the Sexual Assault Center of Clarksville.

Valerie Guzman, the Center’s Client Service and Outreach Coordinator, talked about the event.

“This walk is in conjunction with APSU and their initiative to be a safe school,” Guzman said. “They organize this event to benefit the Center, and all the funds raised stay here in Clarksville. Our Center also provides therapy, and this money will help our clients who otherwise couldn’t afford a therapist.”

Stephen Dominy is an APSU employee who also serves on the Sexual Assault Center’s advisory board. He is one of the principal organizers of the event.

“I’m the coordinator of this year’s event,” Dominy said. “This is our second year with this partnership. The ‘Walk A Mile’ event has been going on longer than that, but we have transitioned it from being just an awareness/educational program to being a philanthropic fundraiser for the community.

“This year, the event has really touched a lot of elements of our community that we haven’t reached before. We are seeing more involvement from the military community, and we are really anxious to see how this event will continue to grow and expand throughout our entire community.”

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