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The Irish Wake: A Murder Mystery Dinner

Belle Hollow had a full house for their recent event--The Irish Wake: A Murder Mystery Dinner, where guests were invited to an unlucky dinner, a wake for Toby O'Toole.

Billed as “Unlucky Charms,” a night of mystery, intrigue and murder they would never forget, guests joined a “killer crowd of people just waiting for murder to arrive at the funeral scene and knowledge of the possibility that the funeral could become a doubleheader.”

Actors played the roles of suspects and victims. Guests had to ask questions, gather clues, and “uncover the unhinged guest who was whacking all the invitees.”

Everyone enjoyed a dinner that featured deconstructed Shepherd's Pie, Roasted Rosemary Chicken, and Bread Pudding.

Guests were encouraged to wear their best Irish funeral attire, and awards were given at the end of the evening.

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