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Closet Design Specialist

Closets are a necessity in any home, regardless of its size or how many people live in its rooms. But no two closet needs are exactly alike, and so the need for custom closet configurations and multiple storage solutions has given rise to a multi-million dollar industry all based around closets. And as local Clarksville couple Larry and Glenda McCoy can tell you from years of experience, this is one business that’s definitely cleaning up.

“From master bedroom closets to pantries and even in the garage, everyone deserves a well-organized home, and a good closet creates the ability to do that by providing a place for everything and making it more accessible and easier to find,” says Larry. “It makes life more productive.”

First launched as a part-time business in 1985, Closet Design Specialist became a full-time company a year later, building itself as a licensed dealer of Rubbermaid Storage Solutions and closet systems as well as other product lines offering essentials including mirrors, shower doors, and even window blinds. “Most closet companies only offer one type of closet system, but we are able to install and design various distinct systems to meet any budget,” explains Larry. “In combination with our other products and our personal service, we can essentially be a one-stop shopping experience for our clients.”

“From master bedroom closets to pantries and even in the garage, everyone deserves a well-organized home...”

- Larry McCoy, Co-Owner

The secret to their success is simple, based on meeting the needs to their clients as well as providing them with quality products and a great service experience. As the need for a well-organized home will never go out of style, Closet Design Specialist’s success shows no sign of gathering dust on a shelf.

Closet Design Specialist is located at 1263 Paradise Hill Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 920-2222 or visit

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