Centurion Stone of Clarksville

As a material used in every application from countertops and flooring to fireplaces and even exterior facades, stone is something that has not only wide range, but also wide appeal. Both durable and beautiful, stones come in every color, shape, size, and texture imaginable, created through thousands of years by the processes of nature—but so, too, has the magic of manufacturing achieved a product that could easily pass for its naturally occurring counterpart.

“Masonry stone provides unequalled durability, unique appeal, and natural insulation to a home...”

- Larry McCoy, Owner

Increasingly so, manufactured stone is being used both inside and on the outside of homes all across the world, creating a luxurious look that is strong and will last a lifetime. “Masonry stone provides unequalled durability, unique appeal, and natural insulation to a home, which are all qualities that homeowners appreciate and consider worthy of investment,” says Kenny Kramer, Manager of Operations for Centurion Stone. Under the ownership of Larry McCoy since the early 2000s, Centurion Stone has stacked its reputation as a local source for all things stone, from sales and selection to installation. “We want out clients to find a product that will meet their needs and provide the look that they’re envisioning, so we work with them to find the perfect type of stone and really customize the selection process.”

Centurion Stone of Clarksville

In addition to their selection of manufactured stones, Centurion Stone offers a variety of complimentary accessories such as mantles to accent their clients’ homes and stone features. “The quality of the product we provide, coupled with our expertise in masonry and the service we provide, is something we have become known for,” Kramer goes on. “The end product we achieve is really something that we feel speaks for itself.” That’s a secret to success that really stacks up.

Centurion Stone of Clarksville is located at 1263 Paradise Hill Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 221-0120.