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Alzheimer's Association Luncheon

Erika Gibson, Laurel Lynch & Marie Epps

The local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association held a luncheon recently at Clarksville Country Club to share information with local leaders that will help them become partners in the battle against the disease.

Fatemeh Delheimer, Manager of Development, Mid-South Chapter, led the event entitled A New Day: Creating Local Answers for the Global Alzheimer’s Epidemic. She was joined by other Mid-South Chapter leaders and volunteers including Anneliese Barron, Tiffany Cloud-Mann, and Alex Soffer.

Alex Soffer

“We’ve invited community leaders to come sit with us today and learn about the disease and how devastating it is on our families and our health-care system,” Delheimer said. “We are asking them to join us and bring others they know in the community, so we can work together to bring about some change in the fight against this disease.

“We were fortunate at last year’s walk, which takes place at Liberty Park on the first Saturday of October,” Delheimer said. “We surpassed our goal of $55,000, and we raised $65,000. So this year, we have raised our goal to $75,000. Our local teams work hard all year long to raise money. On walk-day we come together, and it’s more of a celebratory event.”

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