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Man of Valor: Command Sergeant Major Chris Fields


When Command Sergeant Major Chris Fields enlisted in the Army as a newly graduated young man whose high school career was still fresh in his mind back in 1981, the word “Hero” wasn’t one he might have associated with himself. But after completing his training in Fort Benning, Georgia, Fields went on to serve at various installations across the country, taking on challenge after challenge that proved him worthy of the title.


Fields’ mettle earned him notice as he rose through the ranks, never wavering in his commitment to his country and his fellow Americans. And as the world grew more and more unsure of its safety during the height of its terrorist activity, Fields selflessly completed three combat tours—two in Iraq, one to Afghanistan—as well as several additional support tours as the world seemed to grow dark in the looming shadow of uncertainty.

Having initially joined the Army to “be self-reliant and see the world,” the former Ventura, California, native might never imagined the path that signing his name on that dotted line might have taken him. He has certainly seen the world—but in ways that few could ever envision. And now as a wounded warrior, the decision he made as a young man literally impacted his life in ways that far could ever comprehend—seeing things that most see only plat across movie screens and surviving things that many others have not. “I was blown up 14 times by IED’s, HME’s, and—the last time—by an RPG that penetrated the MATV that I was riding in,” Fields says. Naturally, the battle wounds have earned him honors and medals too numerous to name, including the Legion of Merit and five Bronze Stars, two for Valor.


After giving 30 years to his country, Fields has retired from one form of service to give his time to another, actively working with Operation Restored Warrior as a “Drop Zone Coordinator” and Senior Facilitator. “Our mission at ORW is to rescue, rebuild, and restore what was wounded, lost, and stolen from a warrior’s life while serving our nation’s interest around the world,” Fields explains. “We’re dedicated to imparting tangible, irreversible change in the hearts and lives of the military warrior in every role he finds himself—the roles of leader, follower, husband, father, son, and friend. ORW’s life restoring program heals these men through the power of Jesus so that they may live a life which flows from a deeply restored heart that is awakened and ready to retake surrendered ground.”

It’s a beautiful mission, and as Fields makes his guest-speaking appearance at the

Montgomery County Veterans Coalition fund raiser dinner on March 24th, he will serve as a true soldier of the fight that so many of his fellow servicemen and women live every day—telling not only his own story, but theirs, as well. “The word hero gets used a lot, but Chris truly is a hero and just a genuinely kind man,” says Executive Director of MCVC Sherry Pickering. “The work that he does with ORW addresses a veteran’s soul injury, which is often the part of a veteran’s trauma that is left unaddressed because it involves areas of religion and spiritually that many are uncomfortable working in. Chris has the ability to speak directly to a veteran’s heart and never fails to offer his time and his heart.”

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