Sango Pharmacy Open House

Sango Pharmacy recently held an Open House. “We host an open house a couple of times a year,” said owner Catherine Meeks. “We have a lot of great seasonal items and gift ideas. That is one of the things we have really been able to expand upon since we moved to this location. Now we have a much larger gift selection, and we try to offer a lot of merchandise that our customers can’t find anywhere else. In that way, I think we really add something unique to the community.”

“We like to feature as many products as possible that are made in America,” Meeks said. “We especially like to use local vendors and artisans. Tennessee Grassfed is one of our partners. They are here every Saturday. You may pre-order from them and then use our store as a pickup point. They also bring a selection of their products.” “We encourage people to visit us and not just for prescriptions,” said Meeks. “We are so much more than a pharmacy, and it’s worth a trip across town to come visit us. Check us out and see what we have.”