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Murray Keeter Retirement Celebration

Jenkins & Wynne recently held a retirement party for its longest tenured employee, General Manager Murray Keeter, a man who has made a lasting impact on the people with whom he worked and the community as a whole. Don Jenkins is the owner of the Ford Lincoln Honda dealership that has been a landmark in the Clarksville/Hopkinsville/Fort Campbell community for more than 60 years. “Murray and I have had an agreement for more than 25 years,” Jenkins said. “I told him, I’ll never tell you when to retire. You’ll tell me when you want to retire, and when it happens I’m going to try not to talk you out of it.” “I’ve worked with Murray for 53-1/2 years,” Jenkins said. “He and my dad were my mentors. That’s how I came up in the car business. There is not a better example than Murray. He is always customer-focused. His concept has always been they’re not customers. They’re friends. He has instilled that in all of us. We are certainly going to miss Murray around here. But, we’re all family, so I’m sure he’ll be dropping in a lot.” Jenkins recently named one of the new buildings the Murray Keeter Detail Center in honor of his friend. In a recent conversation between them, it came to light that Keeter has sold cars to four or five generations of some Clarksville families. “I named the Detail Center for Murray so we can tell our new employees about Murray and his legacy,” Jenkins said. ”He has left his mark all over this dealership. We hate to see him go, but he has earned the right to do whatever he wants to do.”

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