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Mayor vs. General Broomball Game

Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett recently challenged Major General Andrew Poppas to a friendly game of broom ball at Clarksville’s Downtown Commons ice rink. Although the mayor’s team was stacked with some former NHL players, Mayor Durrett was reminded why it’s never wise to bet against the 101st Airborne Division. Hundreds of people came out to show their support. Warmer than expected weather meant that conditions on the ice were more challenging than anticipated. At the end of regulation, the score was tied 1-1. With seconds left in overtime, the 101st Airborne team scored to win the Mayor’s Inaugural Broom Ball Challenge. The Montgomery County team included TRC Executive Director Norman Quirion and several local county leaders as well as APSU’s Will Healy, Ryan Ivey, Matt Figger, Travis Janssen and Dick Van Der Merwe. Mayor Durrett’s team also showcased former Predators Hal Gill and JP Dumont on the ice. The Mayor was joined in his coaching duties by Nashville Predators Senior Vice President Nat Harden. MG Andrew Poppas Commanding General 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and his outstanding team came ready to win. BG John Brennan, BG Todd Royar, and BG Rich Johnson were on the front lines, supported by some of the best from the 101st leadership team. “I thought it was wonderful,” MG Poppas said. “You see the camaraderie and friendship out there and the competitiveness. We all walk away tonight as great friends. This is a great community, and I am very grateful to Mayor Durrett for offering this challenge.”

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