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Estate Planning Conference

John Crow of the Batson Nolan Law Firm recently hosted an estate planning discussion at Belle Hollow. “I’m a Member/Partner at the law firm,” Crow said. “My specialty is in estate planning and probates. We held this discussion to share some information with people, information that might answer some of their questions as they prepare for their family’s future.” Crow presented a slide show that covered numerous topic and inspired numerous questions from the audience. He entertained questions from several guests during and after his presentation. “Planning for your incapacity or death is more important now than ever,” Crow said. “Hopefully, we’re helping people understand how to get their affairs together in the new year, learn about the new tax laws, and gain some helpful techniques, like gifting.” At the Batson Nolan law firm’s discussion the presenters talked about everything from wills to power of attorney and trusts. “Our goal was to give the attendees a sense of what estate planning is and why it’s important,” said Crow. “This is the first time we have done a seminar like this, and we plan on doing it again.” “We really appreciate everyone who attended our presentation on estate planning,” said Crow. “We hope that they learned something, and I hope we gave them some valuable information that will help them in the future.” Batson Nolan Law Firm may be found online at,, or by calling (931) 647-1501.

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