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Becky + Michael

Everyone knows that one guy who is the life of the party. But when shy Becky Phillips went to a party in 2011 and was actually introduced to that guy, she didn’t just meet him. She fell in love with him. “He literally was the life of the party, Becky recalls. “He was so funny and outgoing. It makes him such a fun person to be around; and being kind of shy and reserved myself, I was drawn to him. He helped bring me out of my shell.” It wasn’t love at first sight for Becky and life of the party guy Michael Daniels, though. It was more of a friendship in the beginning, though Becky knew fairly quickly that Michael really wasn’t just the life of the party—he was the party in her life. “We got along so well and would talk and laugh all night and never run out of things to talk about. We brought out the best in each other and balanced each other so perfectly that it was kind of natural for us to become best friends, which I think is very important in a relationship.” As so often happens under the best of circumstances, their friendship turned into love over the course of a few months; and the couple dated for the next five years, deepening their bond in a way that would unite their hearts forever.

Knowing that the time had come to start a new life together, when Michael and Becky went on a trip to Opry Mills Hotel to see the Christmas lights as had been their standing tradition through all the years of their relationship, Mike didn’t let Becky revel in the glow of the lights. In fact, rather than letting her meander, he steered her like a man on a mission, straight on through to a little wishing well, far away from the eyes of anyone else who might watch his plans unfold. “We made our wishes, and then he got down on one knee,” Becky says. “Of course, I said yes! It turns out, he was dragging me through the hotel because he knew that I don’t like a lot of attention and would be uncomfortable if he proposed in front of a bunch of strangers. It was perfect.” Ten months later on October 7, 2017, Becky walked down the aisle at The Barn at Legate in Dover, Tennessee, wearing a champagne-colored high neck silhouette dress and cowboy boots as she took her first steps toward the man who brought out the very best in her. And after her father presented her in marriage—“We had to have the wording changed because my dad refused to say that he was giving me away!”—and her train was kicked out of the way, Becky could only smile and laugh as Mike lost his words. “Michael was so nervous that he forgot the words he was supposed to repeat for our vows right after they were said to him!” Once their vows were exchanged and their union pronounced, the newly married Daniels joined their guests for a buffet-style reception and dined on classic barbecue fare. Dancing their first dance to “Making My Way To You” by Cole Swindell, they later sliced into a perfectly petite two-tier cake that was accompanied by a fun and tasty variety of cupcakes before hitting the road to split their honeymoon-time at Myrtle Beach and then in the mountains of North Carolina. Now back home in Indian Mound, Tennessee, the Daniels are living a party of their very own—and loving every minute.

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