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Swine, Shine, and Stay

Lake Barkley Lodge recently hosted the second in its Beef & Bourbon series, this time with a twist. Shine and Swine featured two of Kentucky’s most popular exports-- world-class pork and fine moonshine from Casey Jones Distillery. Sallee Wilson is part of a team at Lake Barkley State Resort Park that lately has been mixing it up with some fresh ideas. Shine and Swine was the natural follow-up to the very successful Beef & Bourbon dinner, which 200 guests enjoyed. A chef prepared a delicious menu, and a selection of Maker’s Mark products was offered to guests. When Wilson’s team approached Casey Jones Distillery with the idea, proprietors Peg Hays and Arlon Casey Jones didn’t hesitate to set the plan in motion. “It has been great to work with Peg and Arlon at Casey Jones Distillery,” Wilson said. “Peg even sent some barrels and antique jugs to help us decorate for this evening. And the menu items are totally infused with flavors from their products.” Chef Steve Connell put together the multi-course menu for the evening. Diners began with a cocktail hour at which they could sample a variety of the distillery’s offerings. Then they sat down to a dinner that opened with a Kentucky Bibb lettuce and Brie salad. The second course was a bacon-wrapped smoked pork loin with an apple moonshine infused au jus. It was served with au gratin potatoes with Havarti cheese and seasonal grilled vegetables. For dessert, guests enjoyed a white chocolate bread pudding topped with a Casey Jones Barrel Cut Moonshine sauce. “We love teaming up with these local businesses,” Wilson said. “So far these partnerships have been a big success. We hope to continue doing special events like this at least twice a year.” For more information about upcoming events at Lake Barkley State Resort Park, call (270) 924-1131.

For more information about Casey Jones Distillery, go to

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