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3rd Annual Walk/Fun Run into a Better Life 5K

Canadra Jenkins and Calendra Blanks of Flourishing Families recently held a 5K Walk to raise awareness for Clarksville’s homeless. Jenkins says the 3rd Annual Walk/Fun Run into a Better Life 5K was a way to inform the people of Clarksville about the city’s homeless population and how they may begin to participate, volunteer and help, not only Flourishing Families, but any organization in the community that is working toward solutions for the homeless. Flourishing Families is also celebrating its 7th anniversary. “We offer help to people in Clarksville,” Blanks said. “We raise money that goes to help Clarksville’s homeless and low-income families and individuals with job placement, financial advice, child care, counseling, and shelter solutions.”

For more photos from this event & many others, visit our Digital Issue

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