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Tickle Me Pink

Hundreds gathered at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center recently for the annual Tickle Me Pink Luncheon and Battle of the Bras, a fundraiser to benefit the After Breast Cancer (ABC) program at the Clarksville YMCA.

Angela Piekielko is the YMCA’s ABC Program Coordinator. “Today is about celebrating the lives of breast cancer survivors here in Clarksville,” Piekielko said. “It’s about supporting them and showering them with love. It’s also a chance for us to show our appreciation to all those who donate so generously to our program.”

There were 18 entries in this year’s Battle of the Bras. The top ten were on stage to see which one would receive this year’s Judge’s Choice Award.

“There are three ways to win,” Piekielko said. “During the luncheon, we are going to announce the bra that got the most votes on Q-108. The 1st Place winner will be the bra that raised the most money, and a special surprise for today’s event is that we will be presenting a Judges Choice Award.”

Piekielko took a few minutes to talk about the ABC program.

ABC is for anyone who has ever been diagnosed with breast cancer,” Piekielko said. “No matter how long ago. You don’t have to be a member of the YMCA to join. It’s a free 16 week program that includes exercise, nutrition lymphedema screenings, and educational seminars. It’s a place where women who have experienced breast cancer can come together and really bond on common ground.

“They go through so many similar things, and to have people around them who understand what they’re going through, makes the ABC program a really good place to be.”

For more information, contact Clarksville YMCA and ask for Angela with the ABC program.

For more photos from this event & many others, visit our Digital Issue Here.

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