Seeking Shelter

“People have a closer relationship and feel a more personal bond with their hairdressers and barbers than they do with their insurance brokers, and that’s not the way that it should be—we’re the one safeguarding the very things that mean the most to them, so they should feel that we know them and that they can trust us.” When Shelter Insurance agent Tim Shank went into the insurance business years ago, he admittedly went in with a different approach—one that could have taken him from the top of the pile of applicants and put him firmly in the circular file. But it was his very honesty and out-of-the-box thinking that made him stand out, and in the years he’s been serving the Clarksville community, that method of conducting business has been one that has given him the greatest success.

Being a representative for Shelter Insurance, a regional insurance carrier that has been in business since 1946, is no small selling point; but Shank’s ability to meet the needs of his clients and relate to them is by far his greatest asset. Rather than simply selling insurance policies and closing the file with little thought until claims are made, Shank takes a more hands-on approach and builds lasting relationships with the individuals whose names are in his client pool. He loves people, he loves his community, and he loves supporting the growth and strength of that community—both now and in the future. And that perfectly aligns with Shelter’s overall mission.

“One of the principles of Shelter Insurance is to be a good corporate citizen,” Shank says. “I’m thankful to represent a company that encourages me to grow my agency in such a way that I can give back to the community that I serve, and I enjoy supporting many of the local organizations that give so much to Clarksville—organizations such as Hope Pregnancy Center and the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition. In my role as Vice President of the Clarksville Networking Group, I work with many small and mid-size businesses, helping them grow and thrive within Clarksville and surrounding markets.”

Offering policies including Property, Casualty, Life, and Health, Shank and the team he leads at Shelter Insurance Agency of Clarksville also provide coverage options for automobiles, motorcycles, mobile homes, and RVs as well as insurance for homeowners and renters. Serving the needs of business owners, he also offers a full line of commercial coverage packages such as general liability, commercial auto, and business owner policies.

And while the on-paper listing might seem almost run-of-the-mill, there are certainly things that make Shelter a company that Shank feels stands above the rest. “We have an extremely competitive pricing structure, and our personalized service really speaks for itself. In fact, one of the hallmarks of my agency is that I often meet customers at their home or place of business, which is especially important to senior citizens and military service members who might not be capable of making the trip into an office. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients, and that’s the strength of our growth.”

Shelter Insurance is located at 1899 Ashland City Road, Suite 1, Clarksville, Tennessee 37043. For more information, call (931) 552-3465 or visit