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Park Views @ Home: Ewing Park Collection

We all do it. We flip through ‘home décor’ magazines in waiting rooms. We click and click and click around Pinterest for hours on end. We sit in envy when checking out the stylish bloggers’ photos, even when we’d bet our lives that their featured living room was staged by a professional. (C’mon? Five kids, two dogs and white carpets? You’re not fooling anyone!)

Bottom line: When did we all start feeling like styling our homes had to be such a daunting task? Us ladies each have multiple rooms to work with, hundreds of ideas swirling through our heads daily… the possibilities are endless! So maybe that’s the problem. Maybe there are just too many options! Our homes are a deliberate reflection on our families, so let’s stop worrying about the magazines, pinners and bloggers and start creating a comfortable and functional space that truly makes every member of our families feel at home.

Easier said than done, right? But with the explosion of online shopping, the world of home décor is closer than you may realize – it’s right at your fingertips! Gone are the days of solid oak antiques that require six men and a box truck to deliver. For the most part, the accents you need to create your dream space can be delivered to your front door within a few short days of placing your order. Companies like Ewing Park Collection not only provides you with the looks you love at prices that will fit your needs, but supports you in your redecorating endeavor with helpful tips and suggestions!

The only question that remains is this: What is your family’s style? Let’s take a stroll through Ewing Park and explore a few of the curated collections they have to offer!

Industrial Elegance

Mommas surrounded by boys (like me) always love this style! The key here is to not be frightened away by the name or the modern textures. You don’t have to live in a converted warehouse for industrial décor to make sense in your home. Blending the hallmarks of industrial design - like caster wheels, metal piping, exposed brick, primitive lighting, and chunky woods – with purpose will bring your home to life! After a few well-chosen pieces are in place, soften up the room with a few elegant pillows, a soft throw and sheer window treatments. Unique. Intuitive. Home sweet home!

Mid-Century Classic

You’re juggling a family, a career, friends, hobbies and want to ensure that you’re home reflects well on your timeless, yet adventurous, lifestyle. A mid-century classic space is meant to weather the trends like nothing else… and we’re not talking about your great aunt’s cast-offs. Envision simple lines and silhouettes with a splash of vintage flair! This collection is the little black dress in the back of the closet. No matter how much time goes by, she always fits, she never ages and she will always be worth the investment. For the woman with a family that lives – really lives – in her home, you can’t go wrong with a lasting and memorable style!

Farmhouse Revival

Do you remember the children’s book Country Mouse, City Mouse? Well, get ready to bring their story to life! Most of us will never know the pleasure of living on a charming little farm, far from the hustle and bustle, but the aesthetic of such a lifestyle is certainly not out of reach. Bring a little rustic romance into your home with pieces that are designed using reclaimed wood, chalky textures and distressed finishes. For the charming and warm families that love to cuddle, this is the perfect comfy, cozy style for you!

For more home décor inspiration, visit Ewing Park Collection at and fall in love with your home over and over again.

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