Fur Baby Bash

The Christian County Humane Society recently hosted a Fur Baby Bash & Pet Costume Contest at Casey Jones Distillery in Hopkinsville.

CCHS’s Irene Grace was with her dog Tilly, who was dressed as Wonder Woman. “We are having our first ever shelter social and fur baby bash,” Grace said. “It’s a pet costume contest, but the owners get to dress up too. And, one of the things that makes this event special is that all the pets here today have come from either an animal shelter, the humane society, or a rescue organization.”

Turnout for the event was good, despite inclement weather. About 15 dogs showed up, dressed and ready to compete for some pretty cool prizes.

“Today’s 1st Place winner will get a sash and an automatic drinking fountain,” Grace said. Our 2nd place contestant today will get a ribbon and a new dog bowl.

“Today is not about raising money, as much as it is having fun and socializing. This gives pet parents a chance to come out with their fur baby and show off a little bit. We also have free popcorn and hot dogs. Donations are being accepted, and we are selling canned drinks, so those proceeds will go to CCHS as well.”

After an hour or so, all the competitors were lined up. People were allowed to purchase tickets for $1 each. The tickets were dropped into a bag that corresponded to their favorite costumed fur baby and the pups with the most votes would take home the prizes.

More information about CCHS activities can be found at the Christian county Humane Society Facebook page.

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