Clarksville Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s affects about 110,000 people in Tennessee, and more than 5 million across the country, but good people in every community are doing their part to bring an end to this disease by participating in walks to end Alzheimer’s.

Matthew Gray is Vice President of Operations for the Alzheimer’s Association Mid South Chapter.

“The Walk to End Alzheimer’s campaign has been going on throughout the country since the 1980’s,” Gray said. “We are now the leading non-profit fundraiser for Alzheimer’s research. So in a relatively short time this organization has had a huge impact.”

This year’s walk took place at Liberty Park and the community support exceeded expectations.

“We are putting tons of money into research,” Gray said. “And our mission is to have a cure, or at least some breakthrough in prevention, by the year 2025. We are hoping to have between 700 and 800 people today, and I’m proud to announce that this is the first walk in our chapter to hit our goal in advance of the event.

“I think it’s just amazing what the Clarksville community is doing. Our goal was $55,000. We passed that yesterday, so everything we do today is just above and beyond.”

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