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Clarksville Cares Walk

Patricia Hanna is the powerhouse behind Clarksville CARES, (Community Advocating Resources for Every Special Citizen) and one of the many volunteers who helped organize the program’s recent sixth annual event at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center.

“We have prepared for about 750 people today,” Hanna said. “But, this has become an event that we are going to put on each year, regardless of how much money it raises. It’s more about the health and wellness resources than anything else.”

Hanna is also very active in Clarksville Association for Down’s Syndrome (CADS) which makes its money through sponsorships and walkers who participate in the annual Clarksville CARES event.

“All the money we raise goes back to CADS so we can implement its year round programs,” Hanna said. Totes for Teachers are bags for new families transitioning or who have a new baby with Down’s Syndrome. Tech for Teachers is a grant program for special education teachers. They can apply, and if approved, they get an I-pad for their classroom.

“We also do a camp for kids. We send 15 families to camp each year. CADS understands the importance of rest, relaxation, and bonding time for the families. We also just started dance, fitness, and reading programs that are free to the community for those with special needs, and there is more to come for 2018. So, we want to say many thanks to all our volunteers.”

For more photos from this event & many others, visit our Digital Issue Here.

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