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BWC Toy Run

You might have done a double-take recently if you saw Santa Claus riding a Harley Davidson through Clarksville with about 1,000 of his motorcycle-riding friends, all carrying toys and stuffed animals.

But as locals know, September is the time when Bikers Who Care (BWC) makes its annual Leslie W. Watson Memorial Toy Run, an event that supports local children’s charities with money and toys for kids in need.

Each year, Leslie Watson Jr, aka Booger, leads the procession named in honor of his father. “This will be our 36th Toy Run,” Watson said. “I would guess we have more than 1,000 motorcycles out here today. Last year the weather was rough, so we only had about 700, but today we have beautiful weather. The Lord has blessed us.”

Watson says it is difficult to know the number of donations until after the items are tallied and readied for distribution.

“I cant give a real figure yet,” Watson said, “But, I know several years ago we were told that year’s Toy Run had provided 1,100 children with three toys each. It will take some time to get the numbers on the monetary donations as well, but we should be on track to give away more than $100k again this year. That has been our average for the last several years.”

For more information about BWC’s upcoming events, including the Bikers Who Scare Haunted House, and the group’s ongoing work with Camp Rainbow, go to

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