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A Dance with Death

The Belle Hollow hosted two nights of murder mystery-themed dinners entitled A Dance with Death, described as “a 1950s Sock Hop that turned into a doo wop disaster.” One-hundred people signed up for the Friday night event which included dinner,entertainment, and cocktails. The menu consisted of burger sliders, pulled pork with slaw, herbed parmesan truffle tots, sides and desserts. Everything was fine until one of the guests turned up dead on the dance floor. That’s when the fun began. Guests at each table worked together gathering clues from the actors and trying to solve the mystery. The actors dressed the part with the women showing off poodle skirts, bobby socks and pony tails, and the men dressed as greasers, wearing cuffed jeans, white t-shirts and leather jackets. Dinner guests enjoyed the evening in their best 50s costumes.

For more photos from this event & many others, visit our Digital Issue Here.

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