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Traveling Tribute Wall at Beachaven Winery

Driving past Beachaven Winery recently, you might have noticed more activity than usual, with thousands coming out to see the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Wall, and the Field of Honor Tribute to Veterans, a giant display of American flags.

The Traveling Tribute Wall and Field of Honor arrived at Beachaven Wednesday and were open to the public following the Eyes of Freedom opening ceremony, Thursday at 12:30 p.m.

Saturday, events were held at several locations around town, including a Pre-Civil War Encampment at Fort Defiance, and a Welcome Home Veterans Parade in downtown Clarksville. By 11:30 a.m., the grounds at Beachaven Vineyards &Winery were burgeoning with veterans, and civilians of all ages.

“Today, Beachaven is hosting a picnic for the veterans,” Frances Manzitto said.”We also have a bluegrass band about to start, and of course the wall and flag display. We’ve had activities happening since the wall arrived at Appleton’s Wednesday.

“Tonight, we have the American Pride Concert at APSU, and then the series of events comes to an end Sunday afternoon when the Tribute Wall and Field of Honor displays are closed at 3 p.m. The community’s turnout and response have been overwhelmingly positive this whole week.”

For more photos from this event & many others, visit our Digital Issue Here.

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