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Memory Ball

Formal events with eveningwear and hors d’oeuvres have an air of exclusivity about them, but there’s nothing exclusive about Alzheimer’s disease, as this heartbreaking condition is no respecter of persons, ravaging the body and the mind to steal memories and stripping people of cognitive function like a thief with no conscience.

“Each and every one of us knows someone who is directly affected by the disease or have family members with Alzheimer’s,” says Clarksville Alzheimer’s Walk Co-Chair Cindy Hancock. “When you see a loved one losing not only their memories, but also their ability to lead a normal life, it’s absolutely devastating. People have a connection to that, and they want to do anything they can to see it come to an end.”

Bringing that goal closer to success is the Alzheimer’s Association work to apprehend and this quiet criminal and stop it in its tracks, organizing events that raise both awareness and much needed funds to finance research that will hopefully one day bring an end to the tragic disease and the suffering it causes. Throughout the year, the Association works tirelessly to remind people that the fight is not yet over and maintain their much needed support, signing up teams for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s and hosting great fundraisers like this year’s first annual Memory Ball.

Limited to 250 ticketed guests, the semi-formal Memory Ball will be held at The Clarksville Golf and Country Club on September 16, 2017, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. In show of support for Alzheimer’s, attendees are encouraged to wear purple attire as they dress up for four hours of truly memorable fun including a silent auction, dancing, delicious appetizers, professional photo-ops, and some high-energy music from a local DJ on-hand to take special song requests that will keep the dance floor swinging.

“The event is an important way to support the Clarksville Walk to End Alzheimer's and create more awareness of the resources available from the Middle Tennessee Alzheimer's Chapter, and we’re committed to accelerating the global progress of developing new treatments, preventions, and—ultimately—finding a cure,” says Hancock. “The Alzheimer’s Association provides families with support and resources in their journey of dealing with and living with Alzheimer’s, and our community support is one of our biggest weapons. By joining together, we can encourage, celebrate, and honor our loved ones living with the disease.” And that’s a cause we should never forget.

For more information on ticket availability, call (931) 801-5499 or visit the event’s Facebook page at

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