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Medical Profile: Tree of Life Center

Living a healthy life involves more than just being active and eating your fruits and veggies—it also comes down to the quality of the food you’re putting on your plate, and in these high-paced days of packed schedules when meals often come down to convenience factor, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of what, exactly, you’re putting into your body.

Since opening in 2014, Yvonne Chamberlain and her health-minded team at Tree of Life Center in Clarksville have been offering customers a whole market of ways to eat better, feel better, and live better, providing a wide selection of natural foods including everything from gluten-free and vegan options to Paleo and organic items that aren’t offered on the shelves of every market in town. “We want our customers to have the tools they need to get their health on track,” says Chamberlain.

And a high-quality food market is just one of the tools they provide. Much like the company’s emblematic tree, health has many branches, and so Tree of Life Center serves as a one-stop shop for bringing together the services of local crafters and health-based businesses including massage therapy, martial arts, yoga, and even music therapy. “We’re more than just a grocery store,” Chamberlain explains. “My motto is 'wellness is the new lifestyle,’ and I’ve built this to be the place where that lifestyle can be brought to bear.” And that’s one plan for success that’s got great roots.

30 Crossland Ave Clarksville, Tennessee

Call (931) 919-2545

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