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Medical Profile: Scrubs Depot

When your daily wardrobe is limited to scrubs, it can seem like a less-than-inspiring rotation of work wear is in your future. But trends have made their mark on the medical industry, giving rise to scrubs and medical accessories that offer the chance for colorful self-expression even in the most sterile of settings.

Since coming on-call as the new owners of Scrubs Depot in early spring of 2017, Megan and Jeremy Hite have made the store an even bigger success in the local community, expanding their inventory of work wear in addition to offering a wide selection of shoes and small medical equipment that will really get your blood flowing. “We pride ourselves on our unparalleled level of customer service, and we go above and beyond to give all of our clients the very best,” says Megan.

And that dedication to customer care keeps them on the move, going so far as to provide mobile shows that literally bring the store to their clients’ locations, setting up shop at local medical facilities, clinics, and offices so that their selection of inventory is conveniently on call. “We’re dedicated to serving the local medical community in the way that they serve us, and this is really one way that we can do that,” Megan explains. But mobile sales are just the beginning, as they also offer various discounts and promo programs for students, military, grads, and even some of the local medical facilities and offices they work with. “It’s important to us to build a relationship with our clients, so we’re always looking for ways and ideas to better our community and help others.”

With a practice like that, they’re definitely scrubbing in for success.

2214 A Madison St. Clarksville, Tennessee

Call (931) 919-4949

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