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Medical Profile: Enhance

It sometimes seems the beauty industry is constantly being given a face-lift, and with all the new treatments and products being introduced onto the scene, it can be a bit challenging to know who’s really got it together and who’s just a pretty face.

Using their more than 17 combined years of medical expertise, nurse practitioners Ellery Naghtin and Amy Wells joined forces to open Enhance The Aesthetics & Wellness Co. in June of 2017 with the focused vision of bringing a superior level of aesthetic care to their local community in Hopkinsville and highlight the natural beauty they saw just waiting to be enhanced.

“This is something we both feel extremely passionate about, so we work with all of our clients to fully educate them on the treatments that will be most beneficial to them and offer customized solutions that will really help restore their self-image,” says Naghtin. “Our greatest success lies in providing our clients with the latest advancements in treatments and products in the industry so that they can be more confident in their appearance and see themselves for the uniquely beautiful individuals they are,” adds Wells.

Currently offering Botox and Botox parties that can be set up on-site for their clients, Enhance will expand their list of services in September to include Kybella as well as facial fillers for deep lines and wrinkles. With further plans to add Platelet Rich Plasma injections, micro-needling, and micro-channeling, Naghtin and Wells are positioning their new business to be a stunning success; but they know that real beauty is more than skin deep. “Giving back is a beautiful thing, so we donate a portion of our proceeds to our clients’ charities of choice when they book a Beauty for a Cause event,” Naghtin says. In an industry that can sometimes seem superficial, it’s a wonderful way of keeping it real—and that’s an enhancement the whole world can appreciate.


• Upper & Lower Face Botox

• Botox Parties - Book a party for you and your friends. At home, at a business, anywhere you like! Special pricing and deals for the host.

• Beauty for a Cause - Percentage of proceeds go to charity of your choice when you book this event.


• Skin Care Products

• Kybella for double chin

• Fillers for deep lines and volume loss

• Platelet Rich Plasma for natural skin smoothing tightening

• Microneedling and Micro-Channeling for large pores, find wrinkles, acne scars





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