Eclipse Mural Reveal

Hopkinsville is poised to be one of the hot spots for the upcoming total solar eclipse August 21, and to celebrate, a mural was commissioned to commemorate the occasion. “We are so excited to add this beautiful piece of art to our downtown landscape,” Brooke Jung said. “It will be one of the iconic pieces that people will come to, and take pictures in front of, for years to come. Amy Peters created this for us. We love her, and her commitment to give back to the community through her art.” Peters took a minute to discuss the project. “A lot of this was inspired by a retro postcard,” Peters said. “The 1950s-era bright colors stood out to me, and I wanted words that would represent Hopkinsville. “This is kind of a melting pot of some of the things that we are known for, old and new: agriculture, Farrell’s burgers, the prophet Edgar Cayce, the clock tower at the old fire station and The Hoppers, our new OVL baseball team. If I had to tell people where I live and what it means to me, these are a few of the things that come to mind first.” The “Eclipseville” mural can be seen on the side of a building next to Whistle Stop donuts on Ninth Street.

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