Community Profile: Cadiz, KY

The town itself might be on the smaller side, but there’s nothing little about the charm you’ll find in Cadiz, Kentucky, one of the South’s best-kept secrets located right along Lake Barkley and the Cumberland River. From the shops and restaurants that dot the streets downtown to the natural trails and forestry bordering this little Blue Grass treasure, there’s something for people of all ages and all interests to fall in love with.

Take a peek at the history of the area as you drive down Highway 68 to see farmlands and family cemeteries dating back hundreds of years, and keep driving right on into progress as rusticity makes way for modernity with just enough antiquity to keep things quaint. Cadiz’s historic downtown district is shopper’s paradise with its unique little boutiques and shops full of both the old and the new as well as some great finds made by local crafters and artisans. For some culture, book a tour of a historic home where you can check out area artifacts, or get your fix of fine art at the Janice Mason Art Museum. Showcasing the talent that makes this place shine, the pieces on exhibit are a fantastic discovery, and you can test your own skills at one of the classes they offer. All that adventure is sure to make you hungry—and for some real Southern flavor, Cadiz is cooking something you’re sure to love, whether you crave “good farmer food” or prefer something a little more upscale.

“Cadiz enjoys a slower pace of life and has really been a place that people love because they come here and feel a wonderful sense of small-town community, a low cost of living, and a location that’s perfect for all kinds of recreation with beautiful scenery all around us,” says Cadiz-Trigg County Tourism Executive Director Bill Stevens. “One thing that makes us unique is the people here—we’re a hospitality-minded, friendly community where it’s easy to talk to people, and we still wave at you even if we don’t know you.”

Strangers become friends easily here, as everyone seems to share one common bond: A love of the great outdoors. Explore it all at Lake Barkley State Resort Park and Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, where you can fish, hunt, boat, water ski, hike, golf, or do anything else you can imagine—even if all you want to do is sit and soak in the sounds, sights, and smells of what nature really is.

Cadiz-Trigg County Tourism office is located at 5748 Hopkinsville Road, Cadiz, Kentucky 42211. For more information on Cadiz and updates on the event schedule for the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, call (270) 522-3892 or visit