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Hopkinsville Rotary Auction

Education is Timeless was the theme for Hopkinsville’s 2017 Rotary Auction. This year’s Chairperson, Chris Gilkey said he grew up with this event and always wanted to be part of it. “We put on this event each year to raise money to send students to college,” Gilkey said. “Our Rotary Scholarship program is in partnership with Hopkinsville Community College. Students who meet our criteria are eligible for two years of free college tuition. “The auction is a big lure, but the food is what people look forward to. That’s what brings them in, it’s like our trademark. We have pork chops, Boston butts, chicken, fish, and burgers. They come out for some great food, see something they want, and bid on it. Sometimes they get a great deal, sometimes it goes for full value, but it’s for a good cause, and it’s a lot of fun. Criteria for eligibility includes a look at students’ attendance, behavior and GPA. Now in its 67th year, Rotary has helped about 11,000 students so far. The 2017 goal was to raise enough money to help 150 students, about $325,000.

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