M-I-C-K-E-Why to Book with an Agent

The most magical—and happy—place on Earth. So is the timeless tagline for Walt Disney World, and fittingly so. Millions of people flock to its front gates every year, bringing their families and friends to share in its spectacular displays of engineering wizardry, from its countless daily live-action shows to the thrilling, shriek-inducing rides that dot the park like strategically planned stops on a game board. Each and every mile of this sprawling theme park is designed for one thing and one thing alone: FUN. And with fun so on-focus, its no wonder that people go back again and again, year after year—sometimes month after month—to experience magic that Walt Disney himself could never have dreamed up.

Working with clients to conjure up their own part of the magic is David Brockman, a man whose stock-in-trade is arranging vacations for anyone in need of a great escape. In fact, Brockman is a Magical Mouse Travel agent, having gotten his start as such after using one of these specially designated vacation planners for a family trip of his own. Now two years in, he’s fully entranced by the magic of it all. “In my time doing this, I’ve made some amazing friends and connections, seen some wondrous places, and experienced some magical moments,” Brockman says. “This is a full-time career for me, and it’s wonderful because it allows me to work from home and be there to homeschool my four children. Fortunately, my wife is an amazing supporter of this—she helps come up with fantastic ideas, gives me great suggestions, and makes my ‘Pixie Dust’—the free gifts that I give to clients as a personal thank you for booking my services.”

While booking online without enlisting the services of an agent might seem simpler, Brockman offers some great benefits that bypassing the middleman might not provide. “It’s sometimes hard to compete with travel websites; but a majority of the time, I can provide the very same price to my clients but add even more value to that by giving them advice, suggestions, and my own personal investment in ensuring that they have an amazing family vacation. That’s something search engines simply can’t provide,” he maintains.

Also something not available on those search engines? Discount monitoring. “I monitor each reservation daily for any new Disney discounts that might decrease your cost. If I find one, I have it automatically applied to your reservation and notify you of the new cost of your vacation,” Brockman explains. “Nothing changes but the price.” And if that’s not your kind of magic…

…Then maybe this is: “When a client reaches out to me to book a Disney trip, we discuss important details like dates, how many people will be in their party, and the different resort options. From there, I come up with a few options specifically tailored to them. Most are package prices that include dining, park tickets, and resorts. Once a decision is made, I book the package and begin the process of working all the little details that make Disney vacations so special.”

With such great services being offered, Brockman could be considered a full-on Disney wizard, though he wears neither the pointy hat nor a pair of Mickey Mouse ears. And like the out-of-control mops who kept the water buckets passing along in that dialogue-free cartoon full of symphonic crescendos and orchestra-driven nuance, his freely given services keep right on going—though, unlike those nerve-wracking mops causing a rising tide of water, his is a tirelessness that you’ll actually appreciate. “For every vacation I book, I treat it as if it was my own family traveling, and that means I try my very best to make sure the experience is a magical as possible for them.”

Like a big kid himself, Brockman takes personal delight in watching his clients excitement, and he does everything he can to keep that excitement alive. “I’m a huge lover of Disney, and this whole process is fun for me. I give the family a customized itinerary full of advice, park hours, and some best-kept secrets and insider tips that not a lot of people know! I can answer questions about the parks, and I’m available almost any time and always happy to help.” And if it were up to us, service like that would earn this Magical Mouse Travel agent a very big gold star from the D-man himself.

For more information, call David Brockman at (931) 561-7501 or email david@magicalmousetravel.com. To see all agent locations and services, visit magicalmousetravel.com.

Some free planning services offered by David at Magical Mouse Travel:

• Personalized Itinerary Planning - A custom guide for your family’s vacation so you can spend your time having fun. “They can sit back and relax while I do all the work for them!”

• Dining Reservations - All meal planning and reservations are included with most packages. “The family and I work together to decide which dining experiences they want to have, and then I take care of the rest! Between my personal trips and the rest of the Magical Mouse team, we have eaten in every Disney restaurant, so I can point them in the right direction and help with suggestions for any vacation style. I also discuss food allergies and any dietary restrictions that need to be addressed so that my clients can freely enjoy their dining experiences.”

• Fastpass+ - “I set up the My Disney Experience account for my clients and monitor when they can make Fastpass+ selections. I help walk them through the process, as well, and let them know which attractions are best suited for their personal tastes, ages, and even physical conditions.”

• Ground Transfers - When clients stay at a Disney resort, Brockman is able to book ground transfers to and from Orlando International airport through Disney’s Magical Express. Clients vacationing on the Disney Cruise Line are benefitted by his magical touch in making the whole transfer process from land to sea and back as streamline as possible.