Cabinet Chic

Cabinets are, without doubt, important when it comes to adding storage space in a home. But the purpose they serve goes beyond the functional, and so they’re not something that you can just go into any home improvement store and pick out without giving them careful thought. They’re a permanent feature in your home, a grounding force in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re the make-or-break moment for everything else you’ve chosen for the space, from the counters and backsplashes to the flooring. Cabinets pull it all together in one cohesive look, and that makes them all the more crucial. Once they’re in, they’re in, and changing your mind about the color or style isn’t a simple fix.

Your needs will naturally depend on the amount of space you have, your budget, and the layout of your rooms. If you can afford designer or custom-made cabinetry, your options are naturally on a broader scale; but regardless of your finances, there are styles, finishes, and colors that will suit your needs and make the design of your home feel complete. “Cabinetry is the most custom part of a home and plays an extremely important role in achieving a unified look, especially in the kitchen,” says Jodi Vaughn, owner of Jodi’s Cabinet Sales, based in Clarksville. “Each kitchen is unique and should be an expression of the homeowner’s personal style—so much more so because, as our slogan states, ‘The kitchen is the heart of the home,’ the place most people gather with their friends and families to spend time with one another and make memories.”

Serving the Clarksville community for over 14 years, Jodi’s Cabinet Sales has been helping its clients create the kitchens and bathrooms of their dreams, offering superior products and excellent, personal customer care to build a reputation as one of the area’s leading home-improvement companies. “We strive to offer quality cabinetry and functional designs at a low price, and we work closely with our clients to determine their specific needs,” says Vaughn. “We recommend that our customers start planning early by picking door styles, colors, and construction options ahead of time so they aren’t forced to settle. Their complete satisfaction is our greatest goal.” And that’s a design for success that matches any style.

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