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Kentucky Bunco Bash

It was great weekend for the Kentucky Bunco Bash held March 10-13. The event was held at the Holiday Inn in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The event would not have been possible without generous sponsors. The annual Bunco Bash attracts people from the area to play in this weekend event. The room was full of ladies from as far south as Alabama and up around Northern Kentucky. Prizes were given away throughout the event. It was a great time for people to enjoy themselves and have a good time. The bash benefitted the Pink Ribbon Network, which is a breast cancer support group. One group of ladies travel every year from Louisville, Kentucky. These ladies always dress to impress with a unique theme. This year they dressed in a “Solar Eclipse” theme” because of the 2017 Solar Eclipse coming up in August. Other groups also dressed in unique costumes to make the event more fun. Throughout the event, women met new friends and enjoyed the game, yelling out BUNCO!! The Holiday Inn, where a lot of the guests stayed, had a door decorating contest in support of The Pink Ribbon Network. It was a great weekend event for people to laugh, play games, and have fun! For more information call Cheryl Cook at (270) 348-1183.

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